Marketing Manager

2017 - Present

Responsible for: Creating collateral for sales, organizing and supporting conferences and events, social media communications, mass media articles, video creation, webinars, presentation delivery, and marketing campaign development and execution

Product Manager - Senior


Same as "Product Manager - Advanced", but with more autonomy and responsibility for a wider set products in the portfolio. As usual with these things, it ammounts to more responsibility, same pay.

Product Manager - Advanced


Responsible for: Gathering of customer requirements, assisting customers in trouble, supporting sales with collateral, defining long-term product vision/strategy and short-term product objectives, presenting product direction and demonstrations of current functionality during conferences, spending way too much time in PowerPoint, and generally being a jack-of-all-trades.

Software Engineer - Advanced


Same as "Software Engineer", but with more autonomy and responsibility.

Software Engineer


Responsible for: tracking down bugs in software and addressing them and for software project deliverables with deadlines and checkpoints.