Strategy & Vision

The main part of my Product Manager position was to set the vision and go-to-market strategy for the products I owned.

Customer Engagement

Every role I've had has required me to effectively communicate in an honest and earnest way with our customers.

Sales Assistance

I have been commonly asked to assist with sales engagements through participation, communication, and collateral development.

Collateral Creation

Throughout my career I have often needed to create and deliver sales & marketing collateral to effetively communicate our solutions to the market.

Legal Contracts

Through engagements both with partners and with customers I have often been required to negotiate and review various legal contracts.

Product pricing

Setting the correct price is a skill that requires not only knowledge of the market, but also knowledge of pricing strategy and human psychology.

Market research

As part of the product planning process, I've often been required to deeply research the needs of the industries our products service.

Software Development

I take pride in the fact that I am someone who started my career in the research and development area. This has given me a deep technical foundation upon which to build my career.