Product Vision

The main part of my Product Manager position has been setting the product vision and go-to-market strategy for the products I own.

Customer Engagement

The product planning process requires deep-dive understanding of customer requirements and processes.

Sales Assistance

I have been commonly asked to assist with sales engagements both to educate customers and to gather requirements.

Collateral Creation

As a product expert, I have often needed to create and deliver sales & marketing collateral (demonstrations, white papers, presentations).

Legal Contracts

Through engagements both with partners and with customers I have often been required to negotiate and review various legal contracts.

Product pricing

Setting the correct price is a very important part of introducing a new product to the market.

Market research

As part of the product planning process, I've often done research into the needs of the industries my products service.

Software Development

I take pride in the fact that I am a Product Manager who started my career in development. I believe that this gives me useful, actionable insight into the process necessary to deliver software that doesn't come from a career in sales or marketing.